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Our yarn is available in natural white (unbleached) and natural coloured – it can be supplied in balls or skeins of 100gms / about 156m.  It is a mixture of alpaca and ryeland wool producing a high quality soft and strong DK/Aran knitting yarn.  The white is also available in shorter skeins dyed with natural dyes - please see below for more details.

For customer's items made from our yarn click here.


White – 36% alpaca / 64% ryeland         

Coloured – 43% Alpaca (brown-fawn) / 57% coloured ryeland





Our roving is 100% ryeland sheep fleece that is washed and carded.  It is ideal for hand spinning and felting.  


It is supplied in quantities of 50gms 100gms.  Currently only available in natural undyed colours, but it will soon also be available in various naturally dyed shades.   

For customer's items made from our yarn click here.

Naturally Dyed Yarn

This is a new product for us and is something that will be increasing if there is a demand for it.  We source most of our dying materials from the local area (including hedges etc), though for some colours this has not been possible and we have had to buy in powders (and also seeds to grow our own plants).  As our products are natural, the dye colour in different batches will vary (we only sell one batch at a time), but also availability due to the seasons - (for example ivy berries are available late winter/early spring only).  We have so far supplied various crafters and they have tried and loved our products and photos of some of their items using our materials here


Skeins are between 11 & 13 grams (appx 23 metres).

If you would like to send us photos of things made from our products they may be added to our website - credited of course.

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