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All our cows are pedigree Highland Cows, the oldest recognised breed of cow in the world and loved by virtually everyone.  They live outside all year round and are easily capable of withstanding harsh winters due to their 2 layered hairy coat, including temperatures below -25oC.  The horns of the female generally go out and up, whereas the male usually curves forward.  The horns are 2 part with a conical porous bone inside a keratin sheaf - they are filled with blood and are warm to the touch.  Calves are born very fluffy (like a teddy bear).


The cards are made from our own pictures, printed on white 350gsm card and come with a white envelope (the card size is approximate).  Unless stated otherwise all cards are blank inside.  The collection is produced by hand entirely on the farm and new designs are often added.

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Greeting Cards

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Greeting Cards

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Greeting Cards

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Greeting Cards

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