Pedigree highland bull – born Sept 2018.  Birth notified to HCS, but can be pedigree registered if required.  Excellent blood lines from some of the top folds in the UK.  BVD tag tested clear and vaccinated.  Colour Dun with yellow highlights.  Quiet and gentle temperament, answers to Smokie

Now sold

shearling col ewes.jpg

Pedigree Ryeland Ram – born April 2017.  Ruslin Xerox II (answers to Crinkle).  Pedigree number – M13997.  He is quiet and has produced some excellent lambs for us.  

Sheep for sale.  We will have stock available for sale this summer.  Pedigree white and coloured ryeland shearling ewes and a couple of ryeland cross shearling ewes. 

We will also have a few 'lawnmowers' for sale - these are older ewes who are retiring - we only charge to make sure they are not sold on for meat, so low prices.